Covid Hazard Index (Canada)

Keeping this here, and Updating it as the index gets updated.

Most recent update, February 4, 2024, page updated February 5, 2024.

Note that while this is an “Out of 10” kind of chart, they’ve updated it to reflect expected excess mortality due to the pandemic over the forecast period. A safe level of Covid-19 infections is between 0 and 1. We haven’t dropped below 1 since early 2020.

This is a wonderful resource maintained by @MoriartyLab on X/Twitter, with the site located here:

Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2-2019) Information Site

Now, there’s a promising update – but don’t look at this as good – “safe” is between 0 and 1. anything over 3 is very bad, so we’re going from brutally bad, to just fucking terrible.

for context, the last update from this time period – improvement is good, but it’s not enough improvement to relax. We’re a very long way from the 0-1 “safe” level, even if we’re going from 20s to 10s.