Conservatism is dead in Canada

Strangest truth of our times. Conservatives don’t have a political party, Progressives don’t have a political party. We have a centrist party, a hard right fascist party, and a fake progressive party that acts like the hard right fascist party, spreading misinformation.

CPC = Reform = Christofascists = Canadian Taliban
NDP = ??? = used to be progressive, but act like CPC
Liberal = Centrists with a slight lean both left and right depending on the issue.

Blows my mind that people are willing to overlook that the CPC isn’t conservative, and still vote for them because they have a lying word in their name.
Nazi = National Socialist, but the Nazis murdered communists and socialists. A name isn’t an indicator of political leaning.

The Conservative Party of Canada is a far right party that doesn’t believe in public health, doesn’t believe in civil society, doesn’t believe in public education, or public services. They’re fiscally incompetent. They hired a leader with 0 accomplishments in almost 20 years.

Ernest Manning’s Social Credit is the inspiration for Reform, which changed names twice before they killed the national PC Party, and stole the word Conservative from their name. They didn’t merge, they murdered. CPC killed Canadian Conservatism in 2003.

They’re racists, they’re bigots, they’re Canadian MAGA, and they OWN mainstream media in Canada. They’re supported by media, corporations, and celebrities who don’t like paying taxes – they want poor people to shoulder the tax burden, and they’ll make middle class people poor.

Any official who blames poor people for being poor, who refuses to supply social services because they may benefit people who don’t deserve help, is a charlatan, and unworthy of office. Social services help a country to be stronger, not individuals.

What they’re really trying to accomplish is to keep people poor and poorly educated, so they’re easier to manipulate, and to use as a manipulation tool to make people who aren’t rich, but not poor, afraid of falling into that same poverty, making sure they’re always on that line

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