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Covid Sucks

SARS2-COV-19 is an airborne, deadly virus that can attack your immune system, even in mild cases, turning you from a normal, healthy person, into someone at high risk from any infection.

Remember the panic back in the day about HIV and AIDS? HIV was transmitted via fluids, not just sexual contact, but not airborne or droplets, just bodily fluids.

HIV didn’t make you sick, it simply weakened your immune system, allowing things your body knew how to fight to make you sick, since you lost the ability to fight ANY kind of infection.

Now, imagine if HIV/AIDS had also CAUSED illness, and was airborne?

We don’t need to imagine – that’s what we’re dealing with now, a severe virus, with cumulative effect, that can and does attack your heart, your liver, your lungs, and your brain, all while damaging your immune system so you can’t fight the next infection of anything you might encounter.

Downplaying Covid-19 is a level of stupid that needs to be addressed, and quickly.

Science is telling us these things because it LEARNS from new data, but Politics is telling us what Science told us years ago, before it learned more, ignoring what’s been learned since. Science changing its mind isn’t a sign it’s wrong, people ignoring new information is people telling us they’re idiots.

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