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Do You Protect Yourself?

If you see me wearing a mask in public (I still do, and will continue to do so until there’s some kind of breakthrough with this covid crap – a sterilizing vaccine that prevents infection), figured worth mentioning why. I hear people trying to say it’s over (sadly, no, we’ve stopped talking about it, but it’s certainly not even close to over), At the end of this thread is a screenshot of the US CDC document explaining how to classify Covid deaths. The document is available to the public – sadly, it doesn’t match up with what they’re telling everyone about catching the disease.

  1. This is called SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, it will never be a mild disease generally speaking. It’s not spread by droplets, it’s airborne, and someone infectious walking through a place with poor ventilation and no mask will leave behind enough active virus to last for 5 or 6 hours in a room. Not everyone who has it will be infectious – and not everyone who’s infectious has symptoms.
  2. The name is misleading, it’s a vascular disease, not a respiratory disease. It causes immune dysfunction, damages your heart, your liver, your kidneys, your brain as well as your lungs. 1/10 infections cause Long Covid (not 1 in 10 people, 1 in 10 infections – even in vaccinated people) – Long Covid is the result of damage to your brain and internal organs. Whether it’s permanent, how long it lasts depends on how severe the damage is.
  3. Vulnerable people. This gets mentioned a lot – problem is, anyone who has had the disease qualifies as a vulnerable person, because:
  4. catching it grants no immunity to catching it again, because it attacks your immune system. It makes you more vulnerable to catching it again. It also makes you more vulnerable to everything else, bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, because again, it damages your immune system. It also mutates quickly, so even if you had immunity to a strain (you did not), new strains aren’t the same, and you’d still be vulnerable.
  5. a mild infection means it’s not bad in your respiratory system – there are no symptoms for heart, kidney, liver, or brain (or any of your other internal organs) until they’re damaged badly enough they stop working properly.
  6. In autopsies, they’ve found recently active virus activity in every organ of people who had it months ago, meaning your symptoms clearing means it’s cleared your respiratory system, but there’s no way of knowing where or whether it’s still active, or if it’s actually gone.
  7. There is no flu going around. If you have the flu, it’s probably Covid. SARS.

I’ll never say don’t live your life, or hide away, but why governments and health authorities and media have decided to go silent on this is inexplicable – yeah, it’s annoying, yeah, people are sick of it… but yeah, it’s still going around, it’s still killing people, and it’s still leaving people disabled, 1/10 infections causing disability. Why a deadly, life altering virus is being ignored? Thankfully there are still doctors, scientists, and disease experts monitoring it and talking about it, sharing wastewater data, but media and health organizations, governments are silent. At current rates, they’re saying that 50-99% of the population of planet earth will be dealing with C-19 related disability by the end of 2025. Young people are having heart attacks and strokes due to clotting and heart damage. Image is from the right side of Page 2.


I know this post sucks.

I hate that we live in this dystopian, bullshit reality.

I just want people to be more careful – this whole “you have to live your life” line is complete crap – yes, you should live your life, but you should also try and make sure you don’t lose it or destroy it by taking unnecessary risks. Today matters, yes, absolutely, but so does tomorrow, and catching this will lower your number of tomorrows. Personally, I’d like to see everyone thrive and live long healthy lives. It’s too late for millions of people already, that have died, that have long covid and can barely function. It’s not over.

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