Is SARS-CoV2-2019 Mild?

There is 0 evidence that Covid-19 is mild.

Short term, ignoring it does boost the economy. Long term, it will destroy the economy. Anyone pushing to ignore it is looking to cash out quickly at the price of harming people.

Note that mild symptoms ≠ mild infection

Covid 19 is a vascular infection – when the symptoms are awful, it means it infected your lungs/respiratory tract heavily. That system has obvious symptoms of infection, so it’s “bad”.

Only one other organ has major symptoms of infection that relate to breathing – your blood. If your blood is infected, it loses capacity to carry oxygen, so breathing becomes more difficult.

Another organ, there are obvious symptoms of infection – you can lose your sense of taste and smell, experience fatigue, have trouble remembering things, feel like you’re in a fog – that’s a brain infection.

But other organs, Covid-19 can damage them, and you’re unlikely to experience any symptoms, until they’re damaged to the point they struggle to do their jobs. Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas, Intestines, Stomach, Bowels… the only symptoms are THEY STOP WORKING.

Every infection has potential to create new variants, which are less likely to be stopped by vaccines. Because it attacks your immune system, each infection makes you less protected from Covid, and everything else. Cold and Flu are worse after Covid. You’re now immune compromised.

So no, Covid-19, a SARS virus (sort of true, SARS is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and Covid-19 isn’t a respiratory virus, it’s vascular… the most severe visible symptoms are when it infects the respiratory system, but visible ≠ most severe at all) key is SEVERE.

Get vaccinated, and wear a mask – the two mitigations that, when combined, give you a shot at not getting infected, and not doing severe damage to your body, and even if it doesn’t kill you, shortening your lifespan. Remember the whole “every cigarette takes a day off your life”?

Well, every covid infection takes years off your life – and damage is cumulative. Each infection does more damage, and shortens your potential lifespan more than the last, also increasing the odds of long term disability and dysfunction.

SARS-CoV2-19 isn’t a joke. And where it came from, who’s responsible, is not relevant to anything when it comes to the effects the disease has on your body, it’s going to keep doing its thing and killing/disabling people until we stop acting like it’s no big deal.

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