It’s Science, Bit*h

Science isn’t always right

You heard that right, science fucks up sometimes, pardon my language

Actually, science fucks up ALL the time, constantly, without fail

For every 1 huge success, there are a string of failures.

Does that mean we shouldn’t believe in it?


Here’s the thing

Most of what you believe is probably false.

Most of it.

Humans tend to cling to what they’re told as children

People believe the earth is flat

People believe the clouds that form behind airplanes are “chemtrails”

people will defend, in some cases to their death (or someone else’s), the existence of a deity there’s no evidence for, aside from a nonsensical book written thousands of years ago by people who thought the earth was the center of the universe, didn’t understand gravity, and thought the stars were gods watching us.

Because we cling to beliefs, and only change those when someone shows us we’re wrong, and only if they show us in a way that makes US feel smart… and sometimes nothing can change our minds, humans are stubborn.

People probably mocked the first car, it was so inferior to a horse, it may go a little faster, but you keep a horse fed and watered, and treat it right, it’ll keep you going for a decade, that thing’s going to be a pile of rust, and I’ll still be trottin along on my faithful steed. y’all are DUMB.

Point being.

Science, like humans, is wrong about a lot.

Difference is, science questions everything.

Science believes nothing.

So when a scientist is wrong, the scientist learns very quickly they’re wrong.

And the act of being proven wrong, and wrong, and wrong again?

That’s how you find what’s right.

Once you’ve eliminated all the wrong answers, and you can repeat and test, and fail to prove the right answer wrong, you know. This is right.

I’ve believed a lot of stupid things in my life, I’m sure I still do

But I also know that science always learns the right answers, because it refuses to accept ANY answer, and fights to prove them ALL wrong.

When science fails, you have your answer.

Science isn’t in the business of being right, it’s in the business of proving things wrong.

Knowledge, from science, is the result of failure.

So if a group of scientists, who don’t like to agree, at all, says “this is true, and here’s the proof it’s true, and here’s our peer reviewed studies showing this is true”

You know what peer review is?

A scientist says “I figured this thing out. Here’s my evidence, here’s my results, here are the variables I used”, and another scientist says “HA! I’m going to prove you’re an idiot”

and tries to prove the other scientist wrong.

If they fail, they admit they failed, they admit they couldn’t prove it wrong. And so on. Many scientists try, and try to prove them wrong.

once all of the scientists have the same results, and all the anomalies are explained, you have a bunch of people pissed off ONE of them was right. Because their job is to prove them wrong. But they failed to, so they all accept the results. A consensus.

So yeah, if you don’t trust science?

You’re an idiot. It’s science.

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