No Sleep for the Wicked.

It’s not the best of times.

I’ve been having issues sleeping, focusing, and being productive the last little bit – as we all know, sleep is important to these things.

The explanation I’ve been given is interesting, essentially, when we sleep, our experiences for the day are transferred from our short term memory to long term memory – and some of our long term memories are transferred to more “archival” type memory. If we don’t sleep, we can lose memories as short term becomes overly full.

Archive memory… that’s the “tip of the tongue” stuff – you know you know, but it’s not coming to mind. Sometimes seeing something, or smelling something, or hearing something will trigger retrieval, and it will come flooding back. I had one of those moments when I was sitting at my desk at 2:30 in the morning today.

Anyway – I raided my memory archive this morning when I should have been sleeping – brought back some feelings, thought they’d be fun to get on the record.

In my younger days (not young but younger) I was a member on a web forum, and we’d reached peak “these people matter” – so we had meetup events. Forum members were from all over the globe, we had people from Australia, Thailand, Canada, the US, and Europe – we had a meetup in Vancouver (many of them actually, and they’re a bit jumbled in my brain as to which happened when, and with who), but one of them came back from forgotten with gusto.

Matchbox 20 popped into my head, 3am, and I’m like, fuck off it’s 2:30, it’s not that time yet (close, but not quite)

It’s 3am I must be lonely, dun dun. I said baby…

then I remembered this weird girl I met, she was adorable, we were out as a large group, and we all wound up at my buddy’s place. We (the girl and I) passed out on the same bed, she was like “don’t touch me, I just wanna sleep” and I was cool with that, not even sure why she said it, we hadn’t been flirting or anything, nothing had been suggested, she cuddled into me, then she was like, I changed my mind, let’s do things. I can’t even remember where she was from, somewhere in the mid west I think. We were having the meet in Vancouver, I think there were 30 of us – the people who came the furthest were from Australia and Thailand (a Canadian who was living abroad though).

The biggest shit disturber came up from New York, lived in Manhattan, but I think he was from the Bronx. Very large man, super kind, all the trouble.

At some point a bunch of us were sitting on a patio on Granville street and it was chilly, a homeless guy who made balloon animals for spare change and cigarettes came by, and girl from Thailand asked him to make our host on the trip a penis hat, and he did… ended up with a patio full of drunken fools in penis and vagina balloon hats. I have pictures of that somewhere, not great pictures, but they exist.

I’d traveled to Vancouver from Alberta for the meet – I did move to Vancouver shortly after this, and events like these were a part of the reason, I had so many good experiences.

I have most of those people on FB, so I see things from them sometimes, but never added the girl on there. I wonder how she’s doing.

It’s weird when things like that come back – people and places and times that were astonishing that had been filed away in the jumble of life, and without some trigger, wouldn’t exist in your mind as far as you’re aware. Anyone else have anything similar happen that brought them back to a time that they adored, but had forgotten in the depths of life experience?

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