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Oil & Gas is going away.

There’s a kicker for you. As the world electrifies, gets wind infrastructure, hydro, nuclear, electric cars, electric planes, battery improvement. It’s not that you can’t drill for more oil, nobody’s going to want to buy it. ALL the value comes from people wanting to buy it.

As need for it drops, so will the price. Oil companies are going to abandon all of the wells and mining operations. Not fear mongering, inevitability. There are lots of things in the earth we don’t exploit en masse, because there’s no financial benefit to it, or market for it.

Now that we know (don’t bother saying we don’t know, we know – you not believing isn’t a win, it’s just being dense) that burning oil causes climate change, petroleum plastics are a forever pollutant, things will shift away from it. Plastics made from hemp and other plants?

They’re just as good as plastics made from oil from a quality/durability standpoint – and they meet the industry desire for planned obsolescence – they don’t have to cheap out in manufacturing to ensure plastic parts break, they’ll start to decompose after a few years.

That’s a win win for them – no more environmentalists yelling at them, and products that don’t pollute long term, and very renewable. Hemp plastics are the future of plastic – the only future from petroleum plastics is for things we need to last forever, a very small use case

Capitalism loves planned obsolescence, and not being decried – this is inevitable.

At some point in the next 10-15 years, oil will drop to less than a dollar per barrel, it won’t mean cheap gasoline, it’ll mean oil companies will have moved on

They’ll still be here, they’ll just be working on wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, battery technology – they’ll be energy companies instead of oil companies. They won’t even be forced to do it, they’re just going to follow the money.

things change. We either let it happen, or we fight it and cling to the past.

Clinging to the past never works.

Nobody’s going to say “we can’t do that” or “we aren’t allowed to do that”, at some point in the near term, the cost of production will dwarf the profit potential, and it will just stop, we’ll look back and wonder why we ever did that.

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