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What is “Long Covid”?

Long Covid.

I keep reading they’re looking for a cure – and I don’t believe they’ll ever find one. I prefer not to be negative, but here’s why.

We already have an effective way to avoid Long Covid – don’t catch it. I wish there was a chance of a cure, but from what we know? That seems rather pipe-dream-ish. What causes Long Covid?

Covid-19 is a multi systemic, vascular infection that can infect every organ in your body.

If you understand how a virus works, it infects a cell, and converts that cell to produce more of itself.

How does your immune system protect you from a virus?

It KILLS the infected cells.

The extent of damage depends on how far the infection has traveled in the organ.

If the infection is in your brain?

those cells are DEAD. They can not be repaired, rejuvenated, or fixed, they’re DEAD.

Sadly, you can’t cure dead.

the cells might be replaced over time, but whatever was stored in those cells is gone.

Any organ damaged by covid? The infected cells are now gone. Other organs are better at repair, so they might recover over time, but your brain? It needs to reforge new pathways to get information to your body, since dead nerves carry no signal.

The only good way to fix Long Covid is to make sure people don’t catch Covid. anything else is going to be a band-aid solution to mitigate symptoms while the body heals itself and replaces dead cells, clears clots, or you die from complications.

again, you can’t fix DEAD. And long covid symptoms are caused by an abundance of DEAD cells. Hopefully it’s not your brain, dead cells in the brain sucks, I know (I have MS, and guess what it does when you’re having an attack – kills brain cells DEAD)

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