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When Will Normal Return?

This is NOT normal.

Heat records being broken multiple times in a year

A fire season that’s burned more land than any other time in modern history

A pandemic causing lifelong disabilities in MILLIONS of people.

None of this is normal.

None of us should be okay with ANY of this

We have politicians from the CPC openly courting Neo Nazis, marching with seditionists, racists, white supremacists.

Not only is this not normal, if we allow it to BECOME normal, we’re done.

The world is becoming less habitable. We have a few decades before most of the world is inhospitable to life for at least a large part of the year, and some of it already is for short periods of time – not short enough.

Bright side, some of the cranky old rich fucks?

They’re going to find out that money is worthless when there’s nothing to buy, and nobody left to make things.

They’ll SEE how little value they have.

But it’s going to destroy our civilization if we don’t stop it, if we can even begin to stop it – if we have time. That’s not certain.

Covid, that silly cold nobody’s afraid of, studies showing that 55-80% of people ignoring it and getting infected 1-3 times per year will be disabled to some degree by 2025, in the best case scenario. 2025. That’s 2 years. 55% of the global population disabled is a catastrophe.

If we keep ignoring it?

by 2030, the best case scenario is 80% of the global population disabled. Worst case is 99%

Covid isn’t mild – maybe the “cold/flu” respiratory part is now, but if it’s in your blood (it is), it’s ravaging organs that have no pain receptors.

So the climate is trying to kill us.

Covid is killing us.

And we’re fighting to make a few lame old men (whose importance is a delusion, by the way, they’re leeches who contribute NOTHING) richer than gods.

We’re failing our children, our grandchildren, ourselves, and our planet.

If we disappear, can’t say were weren’t warned it was coming. Not that there’ll be anyone left to give a crap, but seeing all our potential flushed down the shitter for greedy oligarchs is pathetic.

We’re in a #ClimateBrawl

We’re in a pandemic #CovidIsNotOver


We’re in trouble, and if we don’t act? This may very well be a year people look back on and think “Well, wasn’t that nice?”

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