Who to Blame?

Lots of complaints about government right now, and everyone should take the time to learn about jurisdiction, so they know who is actually to blame for some things

If your complaint is about Housing costs or Rent: Provincial Government
Law Enforcement: Provincial or Municipal
Vaccine Mandates: Provincial
Utilities: Provincial
Schools: Provincial
Groceries: Corporations

Education: Provincial
Health Care: Provincial
Interest Rates: Bank of Canada (no, federal spending didn’t cause inflation, if that was true we wouldn’t have lower inflation than the rest of the world)
Housing: Provincial
Insurance Costs: Provincial

If you’re complaining about costs/services, find out who is responsible for them.

People blaming feds for things the federal government has no say in or control over is weak. Doesn’t help that opposition parties are all about blaming the federal government – when they know it’s a lie.

Next time someone tells you something is Trudeau’s fault, maybe find out if it’s true – if it isn’t (and it probably isn’t), make a point of sharing with everyone you know, and help vote that liar out of office.

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