Not… Beef or Chicken?

I’ve been toying with meat allegories. Not words, but like, burgers, and chicken nuggets. I stumbled on NotCo a few months ago and decided to trying their NotBurger

First impression?

The frozen product looks like a Beyond Burger. Almost identical. There are a couple differences in the cooking, for one, NotCo includes a “cooking from frozen” option, which Beyond does not, and second, the product is missing the odd smell of a Beyond patty when it’s thawed, and when it’s cooking.

Once it’s cooked, I found the texture to be better, and the flavour to be more like beef – it’s a relatively small difference, but the difference in smell when it’s cooking is a fairly big plus from my perspective.

Based on that experience, when I saw NotChicken Nuggets on sale, I decided to give them a try. I did read some reviews on this one before I took the plunge, they’re relatively expensive for what you get – the overwhelmingly positive reviews left me itching to try them.

First, they smell like chicken nuggets when they’re cooking. (cooked in an air fryer for 9 minutes at 400°F)

I plated with some plum sauce, tried them dipped, and not dipped, just to see what the flavour is like plain and dipped – also tried dipping in a little mayo (regular, not vegan… I’m full omnivore, just like trying different options, experiencing new things)

The verdict?

NotChicken Nuggets are hands down the BEST chicken nuggets you can buy at a grocery store. I’m not specifying vegan, vegetarian, or chicken, because out of the 3, they win. The only negative I can think of is they’re not “juicy” – but they’re also not dry. They’re moist enough. I know people hate that word, but that’s what it is. The taste is excellent, the texture is spot on, and even the breading is delicious.

based on my experiences so far, I’ve picked up NotMilk and NotMayo to try, but I haven’t actually tried them yet – I have high hopes based on reading reviews and reactions, but that’s for another post.

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