Not… Mayo?

So, I finally tried it. I wasn’t planning to do that until I finished the bottle of Mayo I had in my fridge, but there was an unfortunate butterfingers moment, accidentally dropped that bottle in a sink full of soapy dish water. Ugh. A bit annoyed with myself. But anyway. This is the first product ever made by NotCo in their home country, and it’s apparently quite popular there. After trying it, I can see why.


Texture is… well, Mayo.

Taste is… well, not quite the same as the Mayo I used last, not quite as creamy, but the taste and density are pretty close. I’d say this is, well, mayo. It’s vegan, there are no eggs, but aside from that?

It’s mayo.

If you’re vegan, and you miss mayo, this isn’t a close match, this isn’t a substitute, it’s just mayonnaise. Just happens to be plant based and vegan.

The only thing you’ll be missing is a few bucks from your wallet – the small container of mayo is, well, more expensive than the non-vegan options. I’d imagine if this takes off, the price may come down to the realm of “regular” mayo, and it might become available in more sizable portions.

If you like Mayo, that’s what this is – go for it. If you don’t like mayo – don’t buy this, because that is decidedly exactly what it is. And GOOD mayo too. I think I’ve typed the word mayo enough for a few years, so I’ll stop there.

Taste: Mayo
Texture: Mayo
Price: High
Quality: Great

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