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Paper Straws are a Plague

How many people HATE paper straws?

You should.

They’re terrible.

Maybe not for the reasons you hate them, but they’re fucking terrible, and we should complain about them, refuse them, and NOT use them, ever.

Don’t misunderstand, as much as plastic straws are much more pleasant to use, we should do the same for them. Oil based plastics will be here long after we’re gone. They’re awful, and we should NEVER use them, ever again. For anything. The idea that plastic is convenient and disposable is, well, wrong. it’s a forever pollutant, and there’s no excuse to use disposable plastics ever, there never was.

But, hear me out

I think, ALL of the fast food industry, convenience stores, anywhere that uses straws (or any kind of plastic packaging, but this is about straws). HEMP PLASTIC. Stop using paper straws! Not only do they suck, BUT WE NEED TO PRESERVE TREES, TEARING DOWN FORESTS FOR CRAPPY STRAWS IS A VERY BAD THING. Also, hemp plastic is amazing.

It starts breaking down, and biodegrades with no nastiness in less than a year. Aside from that, you’d never see a difference. It’s is in fact, convenient, disposable, and eco friendly. You’re welcome.

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