Pies? I LOVE Pies

Saw an ad on Facebook a while back, now, my general attitude towards ads on that dumpster fire of a site is generally “block, block, block” because well… they tend to promote scammers. I’ve had a few where I thought “OH! That looks interesting!” and clicked, and got sent to a “this is a scam site, beware” warning.

Reported, and the reply? “We don’t have an issue with that”.

Anyway. I saw an ad on there for some meat pies from a company called “South Island Pies”, being sold by Uproot Food Collective in Edmonton – I’ve seen their pies in Safeway stores as well, but I saw they were having a deal “$50 and free delivery”, and they deliver to the Calgary area, and parts of BC, including the Interior and the Lower Mainland – so I ordered some pies to try, along with a ramen kit, a noodle kit, some butter chicken sauce, and some dumpling sauce (totally forgot the order the actual dumplings, oops). It looks like the companies making the ramen and the butter chicken sauces have left or taken pause from the Uproot family (some of their products are still in the clearance area of the website), which is a shame, but the 3 base companies – specializing in Meat (and faux meat, with gluten free options too) Pies, Dumplings, and Chocolate are all mainstays, and after tasting what they’re selling, the glowing reviews are clearly legit.

So, the pies.

F*ck me they’re good. I mean, the pastry is soft and flaky, melts in your mouth, the fillings are seasoned perfectly, absolutely delicious. I tried a Limited Edition Steak and Mozza pie (Steak, Mozza, and gravy), a “Wilkie” Steak & Cheese Pie (Steak, White Cheddar, and that same decadent gravy), and a Butter Chicken Pie, which was filled with a beautifully seasoned Butter Chicken sauce and some very tender chicken.

Given the quality and the care that’s clearly put in to their food, I think they may have nabbed a regular customer – I may need to make a trip to Alberta’s capital to check out their store at some point – with a LARGE cooler and lots of ice packs. Anyways, if you feel like checking them out, I’d highly recommend what they’re selling, it’s food made by (and for) people who love food.

You can visit their online store here, at https://www.uprootfoodstore.ca/

Disclaimer, this is not an ad, and my only relationship with them is happy customer.

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